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Here is a summary from the latest Kristin chats.
From Shannon: Lost me, baby!
In case you missed it, I have to point out that Damon and Carlton (the big Lost cheeses) just did about the scoopiest official podcast ever! They revealed/confirmed that: (a) Jae Lee (Sun’s lover) killed himself and was not murdered by Sun or anyone else; (b) baby Clementine is quite possibly real and really Sawyer's daughter—and they further implied that the little cutie might reappear in a future flashback; (c) Kate loves Sawyer (I tried to slip that one in here real fast so you Jaters won’t have a heart attack); (d) there's a pretty good chance that one of the characters is gay (my money's on Tom); (e) Scott's dead, but the Scott-Steve actors argued over which one plays Scott; and (f) Turbine Man from the pilot episode was, in fact, Bad Twin author Gary Troup. Whew!

From tvqueen222: Okay. Lost death. Spill it! I saw that Jorge Garcia would be doing the Top 10 on David Letterman next Tuesday, and that makes me wonder if he’s dust! Please, say it ain’t so!
Gladly. I have been able to dig up a few facts regarding this so-called death. And they are:

* It’s not Hurley. I’m told by my Letterman mole that he’s actually promoting his mole and by ABC sources that episode 10 will be a Hurley flashback, courtesy of a very much alive Hurley.
* If you’ve seen the new Entertainment Weekly, you also know that Juliet apparently shoots someone in a group on the beach that includes Sawyer, Kate and The Others. She does it with two bullets from a Sig Sauer (the same model of gun that the Marshall carried).
* According to sources, it’s not Jack, Sawyer, Sun, Kate or Locke.

From Scott: I cannot wait to see that episode of Lost with Kate’s wedding! How gorgeous was Evie in that dress?! Any scoop?
I’m told the wedding takes place in “Miami” (per usual, actually Honolulu). That Kate’s name is not Kate. (I’ll pause while you digest that.) And that someone from Lost island may make an appearance there. Any guesses? Comment below!
Source: Kristin

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