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Here's the latest.Question: Consider me an Aushole. Now please give me a hint as to who bites the dust on Lost tonight. Not an asterisk hint either; they drive me crazy.— Eva
Ausiello: This person is not an Other. Or female.

Question: Thanks to Ask Ausiello, I have developed a major crush on my married boss. All we do is sit around and talk about the spoilers in your column. Can you possibly dispense some Lost spoilers to give us more to talk about?— Pam
Ausiello: Lucky for you, I have a soft spot for home-wrecking tramps like yourself. You won't have to wait long to find out who the proud owner of that spinal tumor is. It'll be revealed in the teaser of tonight's episode.

Question: Why is everyone on Lost so worried about polar bears and Henry Gale? What about the kids who were taken, um, last year.— Baude
Ausiello: Don't worry, they haven't been forgotten. Speaking of those children, what kind of doctor did Juliet say she was last week? Oh, that's right — a fertility doctor.

Question: Any idea what the significance of the title "Not in Portland" is for Lost's first episode after the break?— Jason M. Wolf
Ausiello: Considering it's a Juliet flashback episode, I'm guessing Portland holds some significance for her.

Question: Did Sun kill Jae on Lost?— Troy
Ausiello: No. In their latest Lost podcast, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse confirmed that Sun's boy-on-the-side did in fact commit suicide. (Pay up, Dan Manu.) Damon and Carlton also teased that widower Pickett "might" seek some vengeance on Sun for killing Trixie, er, Colleen, and that Episode 10 is a Hurley flashback.

Question: It is my birthday, I'm your No. 1 Aushole, and all I want is Lost scoop.— Kelly
Ausiello: Nikki and Paolo will get some serious airtime tonight when they go on a trek into the question mark with Locke and Desmond. And since you’re my No. 1 Aushole, here's an extra little goody: ABC released photos of Charlie and Claire smooching that were allegedly from a scene that was cut out of the Oct. 18 episode. Or are they from a future episode and just released prematurely? Hmmm….

Question: Can you give me a hint as to who dies tonight on Lost?— Dave
Ausiello: Yeah, here's a hint: As soon as tonight's Lost ends on the East Coast, check out my Ausiello Report blog. I may be posting something of interest to you. (Think back to last season and my very special posts immediately following the deaths of Ana Lucia and Libby. See where I'm going with this?)
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