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Here is a letter I've been sent from a Myspace profile from someone who got a letter written back to by Damon Lindelof.Looks like some hope for you Jater's out there.

UPDATE: A number of people have asked if this is authentic. Thanks to a DarkUFO reader they have found some scans back in Sept from another fan. They look very similar to me and I believe both to be authentic.

Ok, let me try and breathe. For all of you who don't know, Damon Lindelof is the co-head-writer of LOST, the best TV show on the face of the planet. He is literally a genius! So I sent him a little letter and a plastic polar bear (if you watch the show, remember first season? or the past few episodes? ok good). ANYWAYS... I sent it on probably November 1st, that's my best guess, if not right around those days. I got a response TODAY, November 10th and I am so pumped. Here's what he sent me:

A magazine featuring him and the other head writer, Carlton, on the front, and a little note straight from his desk:

I cannot handle how AWESOME this is right now. So, please enjoy my glory with me. There's like, no one I can call and be excited with now since it's 1AM and I got home from work too late. Calls will be made tomorrow!!! WOOOOT!!!!
Source: Jenny@MySpace

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