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Whilst finding the recent autograph and note from Damon Lindelof, ballcapguytx from the ABC Message boards the Lost Repetitions website contacted me with the following to add further evidence that the handwriting was Damon's. Here is the note from ballcapguytx along with the interesting note. (click to enlarge the scan)Hi Dark,

I noticed several people questioning the authenticity of this on your site. I'll say that I think it's 100% real. I have a questionnaire that I received from my best friend in Florida. His Lost watching group has one member that is a friend of Damon's family. Damon agreed to answer a 10 question questionnaire (way back in season 2) that they sent him and he did it by hand and sent it back to them. The writing looks the same to me.

Here's a scan of it:
Source: ballcapguytx@Lost Repetitions

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