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Got the following email from our man, Ryan, in Hawaii.Aloha! Got a little more information on this location shoot.

It was most definitely a Locke flashback. Rudy's Flowers was transformed into a Beverly Hills florist, "____ Ranch Florist," according to what remained of the window sign the "LOST" crew installed. They also added -- and left in place -- some white
Christmas lights, hinting that the scene takes place during the holiday season. From what little shooting was observed, it looked like Locke was stalking his father (Anthony Cooper), who was in the shop buying flowers for, presumably, a girlfriend.

Rudy's Flowers actually has a sign on the door that reads, "Rudy's Flowers Got LOST! March 28, 2007. Get LOST Too!" Terry O'Quinn, not surprisingly, is said to be the perfect gentleman.

I'm presently trying to find out more about a location shoot I missed completely last week, on the football/track field of Kaimuki High School. No idea at all what transpired.
Source: Ryan in Hawaii

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