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This was posted over at the The Fuselage. Confirmation of a Shannon return.

This is from a bulletin posted on myspace by Dustin Watchman, aka Scott/Steve. His profile picture has him in theatrical makeup with a gash and fake blood on his forehead. He sent a bulletin explaining...

"we did a little scene for LOST and i put on my best face as you can tell from the pic. i Don't know if i look good with makeup or not..what do you think? little to dark around my eyes? lmao k enough girl talk cough cough so what happened was i was sleeping (as usual) and my plane crashed.

btw it was nice to see Ian and Maggie back on set. lol i know I'm evil sorry had too."

You can only view the original source if you have him as a friend on myspace.
Source: Fuselage

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