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Here is a little bit of news from the latest Ask Ausiello.Question: Lost scoop with a cherry on top, please?— Kelly Rae
Ausiello: Charlie's about to get his comeuppance for kidnapping Sun last season. "That is getting resolved in an upcoming episode," exec producer Carlton Cuse tells me. "Sun finally finds out who actually did that to her. It takes place in another character's episode, but it becomes an important ancillary part of that episode." Cuse adds that it's a "reasonable assumption" that the reveal will cause problems between Charlie and Claire.

Question: Where the frak is Vincent on Lost? Was he on the boat with Michael and Walt?— Casey
Ausiello: No, he's still on the island, per Cuse, who reveals, "The dog is coming back very soon." Someone who is not coming back anytime soon, however, is Michelle Rodriguez — despite rumors to the contrary. "She was over in Hawaii visiting friends and all of a sudden there was this furor," he says of recent Web rumors. "We might have her back at some point, but she's not currently back on the show."

Source: Ask Ausiello

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