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There was a new preview aired during the ABC movie tonight. I was channel surfing and only saw the last part. There were scenes we'd seen before cut in rapidly, new views of Achara, Juliet telling Jack that they weren't on the same island as the Losties, Kate telling Sawyer on the outrigger that they couldn't leave Jack behind. Most interesting, there was a scene in which a woman we've never seen before, middle-aged with short, blond hair, played by Diana Scarwid (from Wonderfalls, among other TV work), comes to Jack sitting in his cage and asks him if he knows what his tattoos mean.

I trust someone will get the whole thing up on youtube before long, but I wanted to give the alert.

Source: Cardie@The Fuselage

Also thanks to "I am the monster" over at 4815162342 Forums for this detailed description.Then Juliet talking to Jack saying your friends can't get off the island because we aren't on that island.
The scene of Jack talking to Cindy in the cages.
Jack talking to Kate on the walkie "Promise me, that you'll never come back here for me"
A scene of Jack in the cage with a blonde haired woman, she says something like "I was reading your tatoos" and "Do you want to know what they mean?" and Jack smiles. Then a scene of Desmond runnign into the water to get Calaire.
A scene of Skate pulling off into their little canoe, and it has a nice sail up.
Kate saying "We can't leave Jack behind (not on the canoe)
Jack kissing Achara.
Desmond getting out of the water with Claire in his hands.
A scene of Achara nad her blue bra (?lol)
Flashes of Sun holding Aaron, Jin looking down, Hurley, Locke (with a spear looking like thing), Kate hitting that guy with the riffle but,and Desmond's line "No matter what I do, you're gonna die" and then it looks like his lips move to say "Charlie" he makes the "Ch" lip..lol

Source: I am the monster@4815162342

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