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Found this posted by "get-lost" over at Lost-Forum with regards to a new extended promo that they showed at the conference. This seem to back up the recent rumour I posted over in the Lost Rumours section. (If I get a copy I will post the video here)Some of the same footage we've seen of Kate and Sawyer running. But his time we see that Pickett catches up to Sawyer on the beach and is about to shoot him...Kate runs from the jungle towards Sawyer screaming "NOOOOO!"

Jack in his cage (the Cindy clip) but this time we get a glimpse of Juliette being marched past him maybe handcuffed?

Ben sitting behind a desk talking to Alex. He confirms Carl is not dead and asks Alex not to call him Ben...Alex (very upset) asks if he wants her to call him "Dad" instead.

The clip of Desmond saving Claire.

There was a fast clip of some sort of game but I really couldn't make out what it was.

A clip of Skate argueing on a beach. Kate asks (very angrily) "So should I walk beside you or 10 steps behind. Sawyer turns around and says something about not taking her guilt out on him. She snaps back "we left Jack to die?" (I think...it was moving very fast). Sawyer says 'you don't feel guilty about Jack you feel guilty about us" (or something like that...he has his angry eyebrows drawn together face on). Kate looks even more pissed grabs his arm opens her mouth to say something....and they cut to some strange dude in these glowing glasses.

And I'm not sure if that clip is from episode 7 or 8. Their hair is completely dry..I got the feeling that it was from 8 and they were on 'our' island not Alcatraz. But I could be wrong.

Source: Get-Lost @ Lost-Forum

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