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Thanks to BoringDave for finding this from AintCoolNews. Here are the highlights.

- Billy Dee Williams has a part on the call sheet
- Locke blows up the submarine (The Galaga)For what it's worth... I'm in Oahu on business and spent the afternoon sightseeing around the island. I knew that "Lost" was filmed along the north shore and decided that'd be a good destination. As I got closer to where the original base camp set was located I began seeing film trucks, and then an actual set. I slow down, look over, and there's Matthew Fox, Terry O'Quinn, and a few others.

Upon getting out of my car I also notice that Matthew Fox is throwing a football with M.C. Gainey (big "other" guy), then walks in Evangeline Lilly (tiny, but definate hottie), Naveen Andrews, Michael Emerson (head "other" guy), and Elizabeth Mitchell (cute "other" girl). The set was located at the Erdman YMCA Camp, which as you may remember is where "the others" are housed... where they originally were located when, looking up, they saw the Oceanic plane fall from the sky.

Anyway, the episode is #14 and when I saw the call sheet I noticed that Billy Dee Williams had a part. He was scheduled on the set later in the day, although I didn't stick around to see him. In hindsight I regret that decision but I thought it was pretty cool that Lando will have a part in Lost. I also noticed that apparently there's the presence of a submarine and one scene involved Locke blowing it up .

Not much news, but I thought it was pretty cool to be on the set. I'd do it all again to see our friend Kate standing less than 10 feet away from me, banana in hand (hehe).

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