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From my good friends over at StationZero, comes this confirmation of the rumours that we posted the other day from the user over at TWOP. Here is the Episode description in a more following manner.
The episode opens with Juliet visiting her sister. She is injecting her with an experimental druglost that they hope will allow her sister to become pregnant. Juliet is visited by Ethan and someone we haven't met before (he played a terrorist on 24 though) who want her to come work 'in Portland'. Unfortunately, she is bound to a contract with her nasty Ex-Husband. She makes the offhand comment that he would need to be hit by a bus before she could come work for them. Next day, as she is strolling to work... he gets hit by a bus. Juliet is having a bittersweet sending off at the morgue when Ethan and his cronies show up again. She decides to take the job. But the job is "Not in Portland" which reveals the purpose of the title. She only agrees to six months.

They want her because she is some world-famous fertility researcher. This lends a lot of support to the theory that the Others can't reproduce.

The situation with Jack gets hairy when Ben wakes up and over-hears Jack telling Mr. Friendly that Juliet asked him to kill Ben. So much for Jack having any loyalty to Juliet! Ben converses with Juliet in private for a while. It is almost as if he sends her out to help Sawyer and Kate escape because immediately after the conversation, that is exactly what she does.

Speaking of Kate and Sawyer, yes they run through the jungle and exchange gunfire with Pickett and his cronies. Just when the chips seem down, Alex shows up and starts taking out guys with her sling shot. At this point, they have realized they can't get off the island without a boat and Alex promises to alleviate that situation, with a catch: they must help her rescue her boyfriend Karl who is being held in a building on the island. Sawyer beats the snot out of the guard at the building (played by Rob McElhenry from "Always Sunny in Philadelphia").

The scene with Karl is definitely one for the freeze framers. He is tied up and drugged and being forced to watch a movie with a lot of fast moving images and words. Very 60's style brainwashing stuff.

When they finally get to the beach, Pickett is way ahead of them. He knew exactly where they would turn up and is waiting for them. Just as he is about to execute sawyer, Juliet comes in and kills him. She tells Alex that Karl can go with Sawyer and Kate, but she will have to stay. She refers to Ben as "your father".

Jack finishes the surgery and Ben survives. He talks to Kate via Pickett's radio and tells her to never come back to try to rescue him. It is kind of an emotionally intense moment. You can see that Sawyer is uncomfortable with the amount of pain Kate is exhibiting over this.

There is an uncomfortable respect between Juliet and Jack now, but Juliet still seems to be open to him... as if the request to kill Ben was a gag maybe? Jack asks Juliet what Ben said to her and she replies that he is finally going to let her go home. She reveals that she has been on the island for 3 years, 2 months, and 23 days. According to the various LOST time-lines out there, this means she arrived on 9/11/2001.
Source: StationZer0

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