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Thanks to jennylee27 over at The Fuselage for making this summary of the spoilers from tonights Webcast.-Carlton said we will be seeing several dead characters in an upcoming episode.
-Jorge hasn't filmed any scenes with the Others.
-Locke's wheelchair will be explained soon after the season starts.
-Will learn about Jack's tattoos.
-Damon said we will learn why the Others didn't just bring in a surgeon for Ben; we will find out in the next 6-7 episodes.. They once had the ability to leave the island, but they may or may not now.
-Sawyer finds some Dharma beer in an upcoming episode.
-We will see everyone else's stories, not just J/K/S for the rest of the season.
-Elizabeth doesn't know yet if her character is good or bad.
-Damon told Daniel/Jin that he didn't know it yet but that he should raise his hand in response to the "who has killed someone" question.
Source: ATAS Panel

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