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What’s it called?
“Tricia Tanaka Is Dead.”

Who’s responsible?
Teleplay is credited to Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz (3.4 “Every Man For Himself”)

Who is Tricia Tanaka?
A TV journalist.

What does TV Guide say?
“Hurley's discovery of a wrecked car sends him on a mission of hope---for himself and the troubled Charlie, who's freaked out about Desmond's prediction of his demise. And Kate and Sawyer reunite with their fellow castaways, but Kate is still torn about leaving Jack behind with the Others. Flashback sequences explore Hurley's relationship with his father (Cheech Marin) and developments just prior to his journey to Australia. Carmen Reyes: Lillian Hurst. Rousseau: Mira Furlan.”

Rousseau? When was the last time we saw Danielle Rousseau?
Almost exactly a year ago, in “Maternity Leave,” aired March 1, 2006.

Does Charlie die this week?
That would be telling!

What else is TV Guide not telling us?
The “wrecked car” is more of a “Little Miss Sunshine” minivan with a big Dharma logo on the front of it. And it’s not an empty minivan.

How many scenes was Bai Ling in last week?
I counted five.

Is Bai Ling in this episode?

Is Libby seen lurking any of Hurley’s flashbacks?
I didn’t spot her.

Do we learn this week why Jack Shephard, Kate Austin, James Ford and Hugo Reyes were the four 815 survivors The Others insisted Michael bring?

What’s doing with Jack, Juliet, Ben, Tom, Alex, The Sheriff et al? Is Juliet freaking out because the new hot-girl tattoo on her lower back is going to cause her to be shunned in the real world?
Jack and The Others stay completely off-screen this week.

What about Jin?
Jin is back, I think for his first episode since 3.3 last October!

Any other regulars go MIA this week?
No. Hurley, Jin, Charlie, Sawyer and Kate take the spotlight, but Locke, Sayid, Nikki, Paulo and Desmond all get cameos.

Don’t the promos suggest the big rescue of Jack begins this week?
It begins, but just barely, with fewer than three, perhaps, of the episode’s 42 minutes devoted to this storyline.

Does Desmond make any predictions this week?

Does Marin do the “Cheech accent”?
No, Marin kind of plays Tommy Chong this week. He’s wearing a Hurley-esque wig and calls Hurley “Dude.” It turns out he’s the more Americanized of Hurley’s parents.

How does it end, spoiler-boy?
Kate admits she’s “pretty sure” about something.

10 p.m. Wednesday. ABC.
Source: AICN

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