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Taken from an article by the always interesting DocJensen.
As much as I dig The Dude With The Weird Al 'Fro, I can't wait for next week's episode, a Sayid-centric affair which will take us into a new Dharma Initiative hatch (''The Flame'') and formally introduce us to ''Patchy,'' the one-eyed mystery man spotted on the monitors inside The Pearl Station during last fall's ''Death of Mr. Eko'' outing. If you read our recent cover story on Lost, you'll know that this episode will finally establish the relationship between Dharma and The Others. I don't know the specifics — but I do know the general idea. And the revelation promises to fire the minds of theorists everywhere.

I know one other secret about the Sayid episode, ''Enter 77.'' It's the latest iteration of a signature storytelling device, and you'll need Internet access or a library card to properly suss out its significance. But be careful, kids: This is revolutionary stuff. If Big Brother sees you getting TOO obsessed with this Easter Egg, you might find yourself sent to Room 101 (or is that Room 23?) for some cultural reconditioning.
Source: Doc Jensen

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