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Question: I loved the Desmond episode of Lost. Was this the "game changer" that Damon Lindelof referred to in your interview?— Eric
Ausiello: Yes and no. I'll let Damon explain: "This is the first step in setting up the game changer, but the real bomb is still coming," he explained via e-mail. "And when it hits, there will be no doubt as to the fact that it has. I suspect very few people will be asking, 'Was that it?' BTW, you were pretty awesome in Scrubs. I was impressed." (I swear on a stack of Bibles that I didn't make up that last part. Ask Damon yourself next time you see him!)

Question: I'm sad because someone broadsided my new Toyota Prius this morning — in a parking lot, no less. Can you cheer me up with Lost scoop?— Craig
Ausiello: Holy coinky-dink, Batman! Just moments after opening your e-mail, I received an advance copy of Lost's Feb. 28 outing, in which Hurley discovers a wrecked car on the island! What are the odds!? And this bit of news should go a long way in cheering you up post-fender bender: Not only is this a great episode of Lost, but it's a fun one to boot. Remember when Lost was fun? You know, before those mean Others came into the picture? Well, happy days are here again when Hurley enlists Sawyer, Jin and Charlie to help him get that metal wreck started. Sawyer, meanwhile, sets a new record for most pop-culture references uttered in a single Lost episode. In addition to a Little House shout-out, the con artist formerly known as James Ford name-drops IHOP, Hooked on Phonics and Skeletor. Rocky III even gets a little plug, but that one Sawyer can't take credit for.

Question: In honor of this being your birthday week, I think I should send you some delicious Snapple, and you should give me some delicious Lost scoop… just to keep things balanced. Also, can I come to the fraktacular birthday bash?— Graham
Ausiello: What fraktacular birthday bash? Do you know something I don't? Was that supposed to be a surprise? Where do I need to be and at what time? I'll act surprised, I promise, so gimme the deets! And in return, I'll tell you that the aforementioned Feb. 28 episode of Lost also features a touching scene between Hurley and "Libby" and marks the return of a certain four-legged castaway.

Question: Got anything on tonight's Lost?— Don
Ausiello: (Spoiler alert) Kate and Sawyer are going to get rid of some, ahem, excess baggage on their way back "home."

Question: Please tell me that there is no frakkin' way your latest blind item about a "hit" show facing the ax is Lost!— Brandon

Ausiello: There is no frakkin' way.

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