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Henry Ian Cusick talks about the challenges of playing Desmond. And Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse answer the question, did Desmond really travel through time? They tease "Stranger In A Strange Land" (2/21/07).

Here is a summary of what they covered.

  • Desmond's experience NOT a Flashback, it really happened and was not a dream
  • The Experience Desmond happened in 1996
  • Desmond next flashback will feature him in the Army
  • Honour was spelt wrong on the poster
  • The will be no Danielle Flashback until season 4
  • They claim that ABC is over stating “The 3 Mysteries Revealed” in the trailer. They claim it is more like 1 with some old yet familiar faces
  • If Desmond hadn't gone to the island everyone would have been killed
  • Rousseau knows more than she is letting on, and that she may appear in someone else's flashback.
  • The woman with the 70 year old womb is NOT Juliet
  • Cuse, claims an episode this season will be called The Man From Tallahassee although he could be joking

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