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Here is the latest from Kristin.
From Eileen in Hermosa Beach, California. Can you tell us anything more about the next episode of Lost?
Lots of Hurley ex-girlfriend action: We find out what happened to him and Starla, and Libby sets the tone. And like I said in the Redux, this episode is far better than last week's. Promise.

From Sara in Columbia, Missouri: Do you have any Lost scoop? I loved the Desmond episode and can't wait for more. Do you have anything to hold us over?
I can tell you that Desmond's beloved Penny makes another appearance in his next flashback. Yippee! Am I the only one who loves the Pessy action?

From Talia in Surrey, British Columbia: Did they change Jack's tattoo on Lost? I thought it was just a dragon or something before, now it looks like a UFO. Am I crazy?
Jack's tattoos are Matthew Fox's real tattoos, so they're the same dragon-powered alien spaceships as always!

From Lisa in Athens, Georgia: Since Ben is Alex's father, and Alex is Rousseau's daughter, do you know if there will be an episode explaining what happened between Ben and Rousseau? We want to see Rousseau kick Ben's ass.
Me, too! Korbi, three! Dr. Anna, four! Actually, remember back to last season—it was Danielle Rousseau who captured Ben in the first place and turned him over to the Losties! So, I don't think she remembers Ben, and I definitely don't think Ben is Alex's biological father. (If Danielle is to be believed, her baby daddy was Robert, and she killed him to save him from the Sickness.) But believe you me, you're not the only one waiting for Danielle to beat on Ben with all the power of 16 years of pissed-off mama bear at her back.

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