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Thanks to Lyly for the info from TV Guide. (Note: Fixed an error on breathing not breathtaking ;))

What a homecoming: After being held against his will and almost dying at the hands of the Others, Sawyer arrives back home to find his islandmates have taken his things! Well, at least they give him the chance to win his stuff back, but do you think Sawyer's any good at Ping-Pong?

LOST (ABC 10/9C) Just when we'd given up hope, here comes the hour that fills in more of Sayid's past - and reveals a biggie about the Dharma Initiative.

LOST (ABC, 10/9C) Think that island is crowded now? Lost is adding a pivotal new character later this season that is so top secret, all I can tell you is that she's female, and breathing.
Source: TV Guide

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