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Thanks to Needle for spotting this. Anyone else think Charlie is doomed?

Lost stars Jorge Garcia (who plays Hurley), Naveen Andrews (Sayid), Emilie de Ravin (Claire) and Dominic Monaghan (Charlie) offer sneak previews to USA TODAY's William Keck of what's in store for their characters in their upcoming flashback episodes.

Hurley - February 28
"This focuses on the relationship with my dad," Garcia says. Cheech Marin pops up in the papa role, and viewers will get their first glance at a fit, young Hurley.

On the island, Hurley will demonstrate his continuing heartache for his murdered love interest, Libby: "You finally get to see a moment," Garcia says.

Expect Charlie and Jin to play significant roles. "Hurley sees it as his responsibility to try to make Charlie move into a different head space," Monaghan says. "So he takes Charlie on a little mission to shake him up."

Claire - March 14
"It goes back to when Claire is 17," de Ravin says. "There's a big jump from where her life is now to where it was then. I play a completely different character because her life is so dramatically different — a lot of very deep emotional issues there that she's still dealing with on the island."

De Ravin sports a black wig for this flashback to Claire's dark teenage phase. "You meet her parents and see what she's been dealing with," de Ravin says.

A flashback last season led viewers to believe that Claire's father and Jack's father might be one and the same. True? "You'll see," she says with a grin.

Sayid - March 7
"We learn about Sayid's time in Paris and find out what happens to a torturer when he's forced to answer for past sins," says executive producer Damon Lindelof. In present time, executive producer Carlton Cuse adds, "Sayid leads an expedition to the mysterious Dharma station known as 'The Flame.' " A cat from Sayid's past makes an island cameo.

All Andrews will offer up is: "There's loads of heavy emotions … and I'm cooking in it."

Charlie - Date not announced
Producers have chosen to keep secret when Charlie's next flashback will air, which probably has something to do with Desmond's premonition in the Feb. 14 episode that Charlie is destined to die. (Characters' deaths traditionally have occurred at the conclusion of their flashback shows.)

"I have to be careful to not tell you too much," says Monaghan, hinting only that "the Charlie stories are going to be coming toward a bottleneck. The Hurley, Sayid, Claire and Locke stories are all pushing together into a Charlie journey."

And if Charlie does in fact die? "That's fine," he says with a shrug. "This job is going to end for everyone. I've achieved everything that I wanted to do. It's been a fantastic opportunity for me, and it's done exactly what I wanted it to do: distance me from playing a hobbit (in TheLord of the Rings) and have people in America know I can act."

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