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Here is a slightly longer article of the original info I posted in February here: Amira.
Most paths to TV fame don't include a six-month NATO tour.

But actress Anne Nahabedian, who spent three years in the Canadian Navy, nonetheless is getting to where she wants to be.

In fact, Nahabedian's acting career will take a huge leap forward tomorrow with a guest-starring role on the ABC/CTV series Lost. Nahabedian will be credited as Anne Bedian -- her shortened entertainment-industry stage name -- for the episode.

"A lot of the scenes in Lost are flashbacks to specific people's lives, and I'm actually a flashback from the life of Sayid (played by Naveen Andrews)," said Nahabedian, who previously landed guest-spots on CSI and The Closer.

"There's something very bad that will be revealed from Sayid's past, about what he did to me. There are some gut-wrenching scenes, very emotionally demanding.

"Everybody is just so talented on Lost, it's a little intimidating, you know? But apparently I blew them away. They loved this episode so much, it's slated to be the best episode of the season."

Source: JAM!Showbiz

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