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Thanks to Fred & Vid for alerting me to this. Who do you think utters the line "I'm the last living member of the Dharma Initiative."?
Question: Do you know which upcoming episode of Lost will contain the "significant story bomb/game changer" that Damon Lindelof told you about way back in November?— Yema
Ausiello: Good question. I managed to get my grubby little mitts on tonight's Damon Lindelof/Carlton Cuse-penned outing, "Enter 77," and, although it's pretty significant — not to mention edge-of-your-seat spine-tingly — I don't think it qualifies as game-changing. What makes it significant, you ask? Well, we kinda-sorta learn (Spoiler alert) the connection between Dharma and the Others, as well as the identity of creepy *y*-****h guy. Oh, and a series regular gets shot, a recurring character gets killed, and someone we've seen before utters the following line: "I'm the last living member of the Dharma Initiative."

Question: I need Lost scoop.— Angie
Ausiello: Damon and Carlton make me laugh hard. In the letter that accompanied the screener for "Enter 77," they took aim at a certain faction of impossible-to-please Lost fans by cheekily cautioning, "For those of you who want beach stories, you'll be disappointed. Until next week. For those of you who want answers, you'll be happy. Until next week." What about those of us who want beach stories and answers?! What about us?!

Question: Any new scoop on Lost?— Kelly
Ausiello: Sawyer delivers what I'm pretty sure is the funniest line of Lost dialogue ever in "Enter 77." You'll know it when you hear it. Trust me.

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