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Thanks to Ferny for the following information that confirms Ryan's story.
SO I went to Hawaii on Vacation this week, and the last day we drove around looking at for lost locations. The day before I came to your spoilers section and saw your post about Ryan's Behind Scenes Filiming Update

Anyways, We parked in there and pretended to be looking at the church just to get a closer look. And there were people building in there, there was also other stuff shot there (Charlies confession, and his brother lounging, Eko in "?") So first I asked a guy what was going on, played dumb...

Me: "What's going on in there?"
Him: "Building a set for a tv show"
"what kind of set?"
"For the Show Lost."
"Can you tell me what you're building?"
*small laugh* "No sorry, can't do that"

So we looked around some more, took a few pictures of the Charlie, Eko old scenes... I could picture some of the scenes in my head I've only watched the episodes like 5-7 times but still not everything..

We went back near the chapel they were building in and this old man working there asked me a question.

Man:"Are you guys in the movies?"
Me: "No, what, what's going on?"
"We're building a set"
"A set of what?"
"A 'Pool Pit'.."

Then I walked away, It wasn't until a few minutes later that I should have asked what he meant by that, but I was just so excited to be there and just wanted SOME info that I couldn't think. The funniest part of the whole ordeal was I had a jayandjack.com T-shirt on with the big Dharma logo on it so I had to quickly remind myself to turn it inside out before we got close to the crew..

Source: Ferny

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