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More of Roger, Workman?


Thanks to Flub of LostTv Forums who pointed me at this post from Brian over there.

I was wondering around at the Fuselage and came across this...
Mr. Nations,
I was wondering if you or any of the writer's would think of including Roger Work Man in a Ben flashback. Maybe years ago when Roger went on his trip. Maybe Ben witnessed the wreck...or was in the van when it wrecked. I know you do a fine job writing the scripts, but it's just an idea. Good/bad?
Source: The Fuselage

To which Gregg Nations replied:
Check back in after next week's episode and let me know if you have any further insight...
Source: Gregg Nations

Has anyone heard anything about this anywhere else or did I completely miss it when it was mentioned (which is possible with the day I've had)? Maybe more of Roger's story next week?

Source: Brian@LostTv Forums

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