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Update: I've just obtained ever better resolution caps from the promo thanks to my friend Ballcapguytx.Click to enlarge to their full glory.

Lets take a look at these stills one by one and see what we can deduce from them, please feel free to comments/disagree etc etc in the comments below.

Photo 1) The Medical Hatch entrance we assume
Photo 2) Looks like the Operating Room that Claire saw briefly in Maternity Leave
Photo 3) Whose hand is that, and where are they? Is it part of Sun's story in the Medical Hatch that Juliet appears to be taking her? or somewhere else?
Photo 4) This looks like the entrance that we saw in Season 2, Maternity Leave for the Medical Hatch.
Photo 5) Is it me or does Sun look a bit different here? Her hair looks different. The promo misleads us to thinking she is opening the door to something on the island, but I suspect that this is actually a flashback scene.
Photo 6) Bad news or a tough decision to make?
Photo 7) As speculated last week, is this the return of Mikhail? If not who is attacking Jin and why?
Photo 8) I'm not convinced this is from next weeks episode, D.O.C, it looks more likely that it is from the following episode, The Brig
Photo 9) Again I think this might be from The Brig. Are these Ben's Others or another group, and who/what are they staring at?
Photo 10) The Others new home? or another group of people on the Island?
Photo 11) Thanks to Ballcapguytx for obtaining the excellent Hi-Res screencap of the Black Rock which I believe will be in Episode 19, The Brig.

Thanks to Stefan for providing me with the original stills

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