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My good friend DocArzt has just posted the following on The Tailsection, and I'm going to post this in spoilers and NOT rumours because this also ties in with some info that I've been told by my sources.

Finally, the planets have aligned properly and I can now release a few tidbits of info about LOST 3.20 that up until now I have been sworn to secrecy over. Read on for the sordid details.

There is a funny thing about running this type of site. You get extremely credible information given on a "Don't repeat this" basis, and you get lots of not so credible information on a "please publish this" basis. Naturally, the 'off the record' stuff usually turns out to be true. My policy has always been, when you say 'off the record' it stays off the record, unless another source corroborates. I have to walk a fine line between scoundrel and friend in a situation like that because if I don't snatch it, it is just going to go to another site the next day. (Sometimes even the same day.) As a result I've let a lot of off the record stuff remain off the record even though other sources have come through, merely out of respect for the first source.

So here is information that was hinted to me by credible sources, circulated as rumors, and then finally given to me straight up this morning by a source totally willing to have the info published. If this offends anyone who has given me info on the sly in the past, I apologize, but if I don't go forward with it, somebody else will.

Veracity scale from 1-10, with 10 being most definitely true, I give this info an 8. I'm not publishing it word for word so you have to add a margin of error for my interpretation.

1 - We will see Ben and several 'others' in Dharma Jumpsuits, but they are not scientists. (Ben MAY not even be 'Ben')

2 - The episode will bring new meaning to the term 'Born on the island'.

3 - The formation of 'the others' is counter-intuitive. Those seeking breakthroughs on the island (the scientists, etc) are the ones seen as impure, the guys who sweep the floors are seen as 'fit'.

4 - Marvin Candle's arm loss will be explained, graphically.

More as it becomes available.

Source: The Tailsection

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