LOST Spoilers - DarkUFO

Thanks to Gabriel for alerting me to the new podcast.

Here are some highlights.

-Juliet is up to no good.
- There's going to be a Goodwin story in the future, although it's hard to determine if they are joking
- Something "fairly momentous" is going to happen in Catch-22
- D.O.C will take us back to the death-of-pregnant-women storyline
- The question arose of the now famous "did we miss something in the pilot" question. They called it a false rumour and that no hidden clue from the pilot has been un-addressed. The last remaining one is: "Guys, where are we?"
- We will see Dharma before the purge and we might see how they repelled the smoke monster with the sonic fence.
- Mentioned Smokie was "Taking Pictures Of Juliet" and "Similar To Reading Eko"
- M.C. Gainey and Carlton Have Worked Together Before
- Rachel may not have had the cancer come back... Ben's folder may have been a lie, MAY.
- Smoke monsters cant jump
- It can go vertical but they raise this question... "Can it detach from the ground?"
- Lost Video Game - XBOX360 PS3 and PC and Damon and Carlton are Working with Ubisoft to make it.

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