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Thanks to Ryan from The Transmission for this on location filming update.

Aloha from "The Island"! The pipeline has been pretty dry lately, and security is noticeably tighter, as we move into the last weeks of production for Season 3. So, while it's not much, I thought I'd post a quick tidbit for spoiler addicts like me.

"LOST" was filming in Kalihi Valley, inland from downtown Honolulu, today. They started the morning at Times Supermarket in Liliha. This is the same supermarket chain where Kate shopped for "taco night," but not the same store... and they used primarily the pharmacy (so it may not even be a scene in a grocery store at all).

They were there with a small unit and only for three or so hours, and the store manager said it was for maybe 20 seconds of footage that may not even make the episode. Even worse, he wasn't a fan, so couldn't tell me who was on set at all.

However, there was a little more information later in the day, when I visited their second location shoot at the Konko Mission further up the street. It's a small Shinto temple tucked away in Kalihi, literally a block away from Kate's mother's diner (Liliha Bakery). It was an interior shoot on a closed set, so there wasn't much to see but trucks and lighting rigs. But, the security guys were friendly and we chatted between takes.

The day wound down, and the sidewalk was cleared for people to board the vans back to Base Camp. First out? Matthew Fox. He was looking a bit haggard. He had a very thick beard. And a bandage on his forehead. He was followed out by two large black men. One big guy (reminiscent of, but not, Laurence Fishburn) in a suit, and another taller, thin guy.

I don't know what episode it was for, or even what the interior set looked like (for all I know they transformed it into a candy store -- but I doubt it). But it was nice to see them out and about again. I thought for a while that they'd gone completely underground!

Just thought I'd share...

Source: The Transmission

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