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Here is some info from AICN on the next 2 episodes. Normally I would post this in rumours, but a couple of things in this reviews match with what I've been told off the record as well, and AICN's track record this Season has been very good.

The “Lost” season finale is out there. Someone billing himself as “lostfan108” just sent us what appears to be the whole shebang, this week’s episode and next’s. If it’s fakery, it’s one of the best forgeries I’ve ever seen in my long tenure here at Ain’t It Cool News. I was thinking it might even be an elaborate foiler manufactured by the “Lost” writers, but candidly it’s too good to waste on fooling us. Many details on this week’s episode – heretofore unrevealed details we’ll be able to confirm on Wednesday - are included, adding to the missive’s air of legitimacy.

If it’s legitimate, as I believe it to be, the season finale contains by far the biggest reveal of any season finale yet.

What ABC is not telling us:

* We do not get a lot more information this season about Richard Alpert and the island’s other natives.
* We do not get a lot more information this season on the Dharma Initiative or the Hanso Foundation.
* We do not learn a lot more this season about Jacob.
* We don’t learn more about the four-toed statue.
* Christian Shepherd is not discovered alive.
* Libby does not appear.
* We will learn something huge about Kate.
* We get a major clue related to the “other” Oceanic 815 that boasted no survivors.
* We’ll be meeting new characters, but not in flashbacks.
* Rousseau’s original Frenchy broadcast from the pilot plays a role this week.
* There is much death in the finale.
* Yet another original cast member goes the way of Boone and Shannon.
* But, get this, another of the original regulars returns. And that regular is not listed among ABC’s cast list.
* We will see Terry O’Quinn at least one more time before the season ends.
* We see a new side of Hurley.
* Desmond does not sacrifice himself to save Charlie.
* There’s a big surprise involving Naomi and Penelope.
* The huge huge huge HUGE season-ending reveal resides in Jack’s very dark flashbacks, so watch them very carefully.
* Between now and 2008, fans may scratch holes in their heads wondering how this show is going to continue next season.

Source: AICN

UPDATE: There has been a few updates to the original that I will list here

* Julie Bowen contributes much to Jack's darkness
* The game-changer may well make sense, but the way it's being handed to us in the finale is about one thing and one thing only: blowing your motherfucking mind
* The flashbacks show Jack in a deteriorating state... battling alcoholism, contemplating suicide... all leading up to...
* In the finale flashbacks, the troubled Jack spends a lot of time trying to make phone contact with somebody, somebody obviously really important to him. And when he finally gets in touch with that person? It's gonna FREAK YOU OUT, MAN!!
* They are still on the island next year. Sort of.

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