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As you all know a lot of details about the season Finale were revealed yesterday by AICN based on details from their insider, LOSTFAN108 . LOSTFAN108 emailed me with this info which I believe was also pasted into the comments over at AICN.

I'm reposting this here as people are copying the bulk of the contents in the various comment threads here so I thought it would make more sense to discuss it here in a new post.

A lot of the stuff mentioned here matches what I and the other major spoiler sites already knew but could not publish for fear of revealing our sources, but know it's out in the open we're posting it.

DISCLAIMER: I cannot verify 100% that this is all true so please don't shoot me if this turns out to be a massive Foiler. If it is then kudos to TPTB who have setup a complex number of sources and disinformation to fool us.

UPDATE: 15th May 10:50 GMT - I've been bombed with emails so I will try to make some things clear. Obviously this is just a very small portion of the Finale, the source obviously wanted to get to the "good bits". I've emailed them back asking for more details to some key questions but they are in the USA and I'm in England and they are probably now sleeping, unaware of the chaos :) I will try to keep this updated as I get new info.

The Reason I've decided to post this before I get accused of ruining Lost is that these spoilers were being plastered all over my comments section, as well as on AICN and other sites. I've created this to try an control as much as possible people being spoiled without realising it. People can still link to the info and have a chance via the warnings to turn back before ruining the finale and if anyone copies the text into other parts of this site the comments will be deleted and they will be banned.

I hope this makes some sort of sense and you have to realise I'm somewhat stuck in the middle of all of this!

These are confusing and crazy times which my good friend DocArzt over at The Tailsection warned me about.

UPDATE: 18th May 17:45 GMT - As far as I'm concerned these are true but as I've stated several times are just some of the details from the finale. Remember the finale is 2 hours long and LOSTFAN108 has left a lot out. This, remember, is not like Insiderscoops Synopsis, it's just a couple of key moments from the finale


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