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I've just been sent these photo's and the following description and photo's. So it appears that the baby we saw in the promo is actually Ben and the woman (played by his real wife) is in fact Ben's mother. Thanks to Lisa for providing me with the original source and link.

I run a lost board and one of my members lives in Hawaii. Well they sent out a casting call for babies and she had just had one and her baby was picked to be in next weeks episode. SHE plays baby Ben. Here are some pictures form the set and the one on the bottom is from a few days ago when she ran into Michael Emerson at the store and he took a picture with his younger self.

UPDATE: While we were filming episode 20 with Amanda, the first scene with her was to be how Ben came into this world. However there is an inconsistency that we noticed in the second scene that she was a part of.

Ben's parents made it out of the forest after his mother delivered him in the forest. However, because of the loss of blood, she is dying. When they get by the side of the road, Ben's father flags down a couple driving a Karmon Ghia for help. Off to the side of them was a road sign going in the opposite direction that said, "Portland 32".

Now...didn't Ben say he was born on the island?

Source: Catrina Tygerus

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