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After Wednesday's great episode they left us with an equally great trailer for next weeks episode, The Man behind the Curtain, which is a Dharma/Island flashback for Ben. Going through all the emails and posts I thought I'd try to put together a post so that we can all speculate on what we've seen. Thanks to Ballcapguytx, Stefan, Angeliki for helping me with various screen caps etc.

Who is the baby?
Could this be baby Ben? Or maybe Alex?

Another Training Video?
The shot of Marvin Candle looks like it's taken from another Dharma training video. Which name is he going by here? Candle or Wickman or a new name?

Mysterious Ghost Woman
Who is she? She looks like Michael Emerson's real life wife who will be appearing in this Episode. Mother, Sister or Lover?

What's in the boxes?
Is this a standard food drop or something else?

Where are the Other Dharma vans?
We know that Hurley, Jin, Charlie and Sawyer took one for a joyride, where are the others?

Where/What is this?
Who lived here? Is this another station? Home of Jacob?

The Others moved again
At the end of The Brig, Ben tells Locke that they are moving camp. Looking at these shots, Locke finds them and they still appear to camping.

Where is this taken? Was it the recent gassing of Kate and co, or was this part of the Purge or Incident, or is it something else completely.

The Strange Doll
Who does the strange Doll belong to and who made it? Is it meant to represent someone?

Who/What is behind the door?
Could Jacob be behind the door or is it the "box". Is this why Ben appears hesitant or even scared?

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