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Thanks to KeepingAwake at the Fuselage for this summary.

Rehashing Greatest Hits:

-The Looking Glass Hatch is called it because it is an Alice In Wonderland allusion.
-TLG is the underwater station referred to on Kelvin's map. They have been alluding to it ever since Sayid first found the wire on the beach.
-The cable could be a communication cable, not the power cable, or not the only power source for TLG.
-Damon points out that Jack's plans don't always work out. If Jack's plan were to work, it will probably have terrible repercussions on him personally.
-Cuse says they will answer definitively whether Charlie lives or dies before the season ends.

The Finale:

-They are still working on it and it isn't delivered until Tues Am for airing Wed.
-Don't want to say much about the Finale. Want us to arrive at our own conclusions. Things speak for themselves but then again they really don't.
-They hope Locke shows up in the Finale.

Source: KeepingAwake@The Fuselage

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