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Brandon in Omaha: I cannot wait for the Lost finale!

I cannot wait to show you the Lost finale exclusive we scored! As I’ve been mentioning for a while now, the finale is nuts—there is at least one death and also that big “game changer”—and... big news! On Wednesday night, after the finale airs on the West Coast, right in this very spot, I will have an exclusive, sit-down, on-camera interview with the deceased Lostie (get ready to weep), plus, a Q&A with show runner Damon Lindelof to try and get to the bottom of what it all means. Make sure you check back Wednesday night or first thing Thursday morning.

Allison in Tallahassee: How many boxes of Depends will we need when watching the finale of Lost?!

If you haven’t been reading spoilers (and for your sakes, I really hope you all haven’t!), I’d hit up Costco and bring a truckload of 'em. The format of the show is a-changin'…Yeee! I'm also hearing that one of the three main actors might not be in every episode next season. I'll let you know more as I hear it.

Mary Elizabeth Jones: Is it all over for Skate? Not just this season, but for good? Thanks for your wonderful and in-depth coverage of Lost. I never miss your Vine show!

Sawyer and Kate? Oh yeah, that's over...I'm told they spend season four in separate tents playing solitaire and whittling woodland animals out of peach pits. Kidding! There's a great deal left to be told about the relationship between Sawyer and Kate. Although I do also hear that Jack does most def profess his love to someone who is of the brunette beauty variety.

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