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Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse talk about the secrets let out of "The Brig" and take a peek at who is "The Man Behind The Curtain" (5/9/07).


Thanks to KeepingAwake over at The Fuselage for the following summary.

-Locke will do anything if he is told he is special
-Alpert may have been trying to subvert Ben when he gave Locke Sawyer's file, or he might really believe that Locke is special because he was instantly healed when he arrived on the island. They seem to be hinting that Locke's healing is very important to the Others and has caught the attention of many of them.
-They have been setting up the Cooper is the original Sawyer for a long time and were surprised that more people hadn't figured out this cross. they felt that this was the best time to reveal the cross as it will propel the story for the rest of the season
-The Man Behind the Curtain may be Ben (Carlton first said yes and then said maybe)
-The Man Behind the Curtain is a Wizard of Oz reference and is pointing to the question of who really is in charge of the Others.
-We will learn more about Jacob next week
-Was Tom quoting Alvar Hanso in The Hunting Party, and do the Others therefor have a connection to the Hanso Foundation? Yes, it is similar to the Hanso quote. There will not be any more fake Hanso commercials this year.
-Why were Darlton so down on the April 30th podcast? Does it have to do with all the deaths coming up? Damon said it's a bit of a letdown to have finished the writing for the season. Now they are talking about Season 4 and are excited to see the remaining eppys this year.
-Why no monkeys on the island? Joop is an important monkey and he may make an appearance. Joop is the failsafe cancellation episode! LOL Joop is the name of the monkey in a Jules Verne story.
-Will LOST run Jan -May next year and has Carnivore been picked up yet? Carnivore is in development. Yes, they think the show will run Jan-May.
-Will there be podcasts during the hiatus? Carlton would like to do some. The writers take a vacation for a month post season finale. They will be at Comicon again this year.
-Does Chris enjoy his job and what is it like to watch Darlton without pants every week? He does.
-When LOST is canceled, will ABC give the writers enough time to end the show well? The show will not end badly, and Darlton are still trying to determine an end date with ABC.
-Is the Hurley Bird Smokey? Where in Hurley's past did we see the bird? We've seen the bird in finales past and we may see it again, but it has never appeared to Hurley before he got to the island.
-3 things have to happen in each podcast: Carlton has to comment about his lack of pants, Damon always answers q's from Carlton with "that's an interesting question, Carlton", and then there is a 99% chance that a phone will ring. Is Chris's only job the podcast or does he have other work on LOST? He does other podcasts-Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy, but LOST is the only one with fan questions.

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