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Thanks to Memento for the following.

Hello everyone, You do not know me since I mostly just watch the boards and don't post much but I am a lost fan since the beginning. Last week my family and I vacationed in Disneyworld and on wednesday we traveled to Disney's MGM Studios and ate lunch at what is known as the ABC Commisary. It is a counter service restaraunt and around the building are TVs that show clips and previews of new and returning shows coming to ABC soon. I was eating lunch and the LOST preview caught me off guard. It has no new footage of course and it went like this.

" They thought they met the evil" (flashed to the others),
"They thought they had found the secret"(flashes to the Dharma stations), "They thought they won", (Flashes to beach scene in season 3 finale),
"They thought wrong!"(Shows all the guns being loaded)
"Defend the island, it's not over." Spring 2008.

Not that great but it just keeps on adding to the fact that we know that everyone teams up to now defend the island. I wish I had caught a video of it but the loop was 40 minutes and I would have to sit through the loop again and see the stupid preview of that Caveman show.

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