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My good friend The ODI was at the E!Online Tater Top Awards (E!Online's own TV Awards Ceremony) and he was chatting with Kristin, the one we love/hate ;) Below is the portion from his Blog write up regarding who was originally intended to be in the coffin.

She did drop a interesting tidbit about who was "supposedly" or planned to be in the coffin and that the producers initially planned to show the person but changed their minds because they felt it added to the mystery of the finale....the info was from her sources on the show...but who really knows if that was the writers intent.....???

Sorry guys I didn't get any pictures taken and do not know when they will air, but as soon as I know I will let you know.....All in all I had a great time and I have a completely whole new different view of Kristin...

For those of you that said Ben....nope sorry you were wrong....for those of you that felt it was Michael....nope wrong again.....those who said it is somebody we have not seen before nope wrong once again....BUT for alllll of you that said everyone's favorite hunter Locke....you are right...!!

Like I said this is from Kristin who is known to be a VERY reliable source on LOST but she also did say the writers changed their mind about showing Locke....soooo at this point who knows......maybe they will change their minds again....!!??

Source: The ODI

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