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SNOW BIZ: About 100 "Lost" cast members and crew jammed the wine bar of Cassis by Chef Mavro for 12 hours Saturday (from 4 a.m.).

This much is certain: Scenes were shot for a February 2008 show and Chef George Mavrolathassitis was interviewed for a segment for a "Lost" DVD bonus package. "I'm sworn to silence on the details, of course," Mavro said.

After leaving the premises, the Losties moved to Merchant Street, where snow fell and filled the street for the cameras. Hmmmm. ...

Singer Azure McCall had a speaking part on "Lost," opposite new cast member Ken Leung. With her own trailer, chair and hair/makeup crew, she felt like a bona fide star. ...

When June Odessa Yago, an Advertiser copy editor, and Marvin Woo, owner of Woo's Electrical & Appliances, married in Portovenere, Italy, earlier this month, they encountered a "Lost" fan abroad. In Venice, their bed and breakfast host said he visited O'ahu hoping to see where "Lost" was filmed. "We told him Marv works for Sawyer (Hawai'i Kai resident Josh Holloway) and he just about fainted," said the new Mrs. Woo. ...

Source: Honolulu Advertiser

Thanks to Matt for the photos of the inside of Cassis bar.

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