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Update: 22:30GMT I asked Ryan if he spotted MF with a full beard as he had in the S3 finale. Here was his reply.

No. He was his handsomely scruffy/stubbly self. Then again, for all I know he had the beard in make-up and just removed it. But that early in the day, that sounds unlikely.

Thanks to our on the spot reporter Ryan, from The Transmission, we have the following set report.

Interestingly, "LOST" is back at the historic YWCA on Richards Street in downtown Honolulu. It was again an interior shoot, closed set. But, trailers indicated accommodations for "Jack" and "Hurley," and sure enough, I spotted the pair leaving the building just as I was leaving for work. The usual unrevealing 'parked trailers' photos can be found here.

Hurley and Jack? Flash forward, maybe?

Source: Ryan@The Transmission

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