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Thanks to DocArzt over at The Tailsection for finding the following.

The following post comes from Lynn at the HawaiiLOST Yahoo group. It appears that episode 2 or 3 is going to be Sayid centric:

I was in downtown Honolulu today (Saturday 9/22) and they were filming Lost. It was suppose to be in Germany. They had snow(shaved ice) all over the road. Some of the security said it was a Jack scene. It was not it was Sayid. There was no dialog I could hear, just naveen crossing the street several times. they only did about 7
takes and wrapped.

After naveen and jack Bender were talking in the street and the crew was throwing snowballs. It was a strange sight to see. Most of the snow/ice was almost melted except where there was a pile of it they used to cover the street.

I got to talk to Jack and Naveen and get a hug from both. They are so nice. I talked to some of the crew i know and then left. don't know the eppi as they said they are shooting so many right now it's hard to keep up with the shows. They are working 6 days a week except Sunday. I don't know if it so they can do season 4 and part
of season 5 or if it's so they cast and crew can have some time off to work on other projects.

Source: Hawaii Lost Yahoo Group

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