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A big thanks to Shell for the following information on this mornings interview with Nester Carbonell (Richard Alpert). I'm hoping to acquire the audio for this shortly.

Nestor Carbonell did a phone-in interview on an Atlanta radio station morning show, this morning. One of the guys on the morning show is a big Lost fan. Nestor Carbonell made it clear that he was all about Cane right now, but did discuss Lost a bit. He was very charming and funny. He even joked that he has it put in all his contracts that he does not age. Here are a few highlights from the interview...

- As far as he knows he will not return to Lost because of his contract with Cane. However, you never know about television so anything is possible.

- He believes that Richard is indigenous to the island and has been around 400 years or so.

- He stumbled over Evangeline Lilly's name while discussing the season finale.

- He compared Cane to Lost, saying that anything could happen on the Cane.

- Music will be very important on Cane. There will be a lot of guest performers at a club on the show.

- He loves Rum.

- He mentioned his role as the mayor of Gotham City in the upcoming Batman movie.

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