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As we mentioned this morning in the Media Mentions section, Nestor Carbonell was on a couple of radio shows.

Thanks to Dan who was able to listen to the show and take notes for me. Thanks Dan!

DJ: "So what's the deal with Richard? He didn't age."

Nestor: "I either didn't age, or the makeup department didn't show up [laughs]. I was told I was fairly ageless."

DJ: "So you're the recruiter. You left the island and found Juliet, and you found Ben when he was a kid."

Nestor: "When Ben was a kid I tapped him to be the head of the Others- the Golden Child. I was indigenous to the island, and had the responsibility of
finding the messiah."

DJ: "So are you coming back to Lost or what?"

Nestor: "Um.. no.[laughs] I haven't been contacted by the producers yet; haven't heard anything from them, actually, so I don't know, but I wouldn't
rule anything out. Contractually, I can't do both; I can't be on two networks at the same time. But stranger things have happened. I shot the
Cane pilot before I heard from the LOST producers, they said they wanted me in the last five episodes [of season three]."

DJ: "In your opinion, what the hell is happening with LOST?"

Nestor: "They're experimenting, both as writers and characters (the Dharma Group). They've painted themselves into a corner, and now they're climbing
up the walls."

Source: Dan via DarkUFO

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