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Thanks to Lyly for the following from the latest Kristin Chat.

Update: For those who missed the video that we posted on the Homepage, I've added it here as well.

Dahlia in Miami: Have you seen the so-called Lost Six video? Is it real?
We checked with ABC, and yes, it's real. What it means, we have no frakkin' idea, although six seasons would be the gimme. However, don't expect promos with actual show footage until at least November. Dangit.

Jake in Columbus, Ohio: Anything on Lost?
Only that it has reentered the zeitgeist—with a vengeance. Oceanic 815 was name-checked on Chuck, and Jerry Seinfeld himself declares he's a fan in the season premiere of 30 Rock. Yippee!

Oh, also episode five is currently casting, and they're looking for actors to play a narcoleptic (hilarity ensues), an R. Lee Ermey-style drill sergeant, three older British guys and two young soldier types, who we could see on more than a couple of episodes. Hmmm...

Source: E!Online

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