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Thanks to Neil for the following info.

Filming NOW, Waialae Ave...Jin's on the set

Blog reader Alicia Chang and her coworker Shannon Fera did some scouting this morning, and it looks like filming is currently underway at Toys N Joys on Waialae Avenue.

They're speculating that it's part of a flash-forward scene, and I have to agree. Somehow I don't think that a 'Charme Beaute Salon: Room 3 Upstairs' would be commonly found in South Korea...

Source: Honolulu Advertiser

Thanks to our man on the ground Ryan for the following.

Here’s a little “LOST” tidbit to kick off the week! This morning, the production crew descended upon old Kaimuki, taking over the “Toys N Joys” store on Waialae Ave. For geeks and nerds of a particular bent, the place is a piece of heaven, a Mecca of video games, anime, J-Pop, K-Pop, action figures, models and trinkets… But for “LOST,” it was a toy store in Korea.

Yes, Daniel Dae Kim was there, back in his element, and reportedly friendly and approachable on the set. The store was only slightly rearranged, the “LOST” set crew covering up brand names and logos with random Korean art and signs. Details of what transpired behind the store’s cluttered windows when cameras rolled are unsurprisingly slim, but I’m told it involved a big, plushy panda. Yes, yet another bear.

Source: Ryan@Hawaii Blog

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