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Thanks as ever to Ryan for the following.

“LOST” set up shop just around the corner from one of my new favorite breakfast spots in Kalihi this morning, near the industrial arts campus of Honolulu Community College. Though I’m not entirely confident in my pre-caffeine vision, there were two striking women among those preparing for a busy day: Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet), and another blonde who looked a bit like Rebecca Mader (Charlotte).

A few blocks away, cameras rolled behind closed doors. And how! I’m told “LOST” had gotten past the barbed wire fence of the Oahu Community Correctional Center. LOST Spotter Mark caught them lunching in the shade off Kamehameha Highway, and says crew chatter touched on the arrival of “Faraday,” presumably Jeremy Davies‘ character.

I have no idea what could connect these characters. I love thinking about it, though. February can’t come soon enough.

Source: Ryan@Hawaii Blog

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