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Thanks to our source, Bannerman for the following.


Director: Stephen Semel
Shoots: 10/27-11/09

50s, male, Caucasian, weathered face, salt and pepper hair, a man who immediately commands great authority but someone you don't want to cross. He has a job to do and he doesn't allow anything to get in his way - even the death of his employees...GUEST STAR

Male, early 30s, Korean. Professional and accomplished, a calming presence in times of crisis. Working his regular shift, he gets more than he bargained for. Must be able to speak Korean...CO-STAR

Male, Korean, any age. Pleasant, eager to please the customer and make a sale, cool under stress, able to deal with difficult customers and keep them happy. Must be able to speak Korean...CO-STAR

Late-20s to early 30s, any ethnicity. Tough, formidable, someone who could take an order and execute it flawlessly but who is now a shell of her former self; nervous and paranoid. NICE CO-STAR .WOULD PREFER TO HAVE A STUNT WOMAN BUT NOT CRUCIAL.

Source: Bannerman@DarkUFO

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