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I thought that it was about time that we tried to make a summary of all the known spoilers that we have gathered so far for Season 4 along with some speculations and questions. Let me know what you think and please feel free to share your thoughts,ideas and questions as well.The air dates are based on a Wednesday 6th Feb start.

The following is based on the confirmed spoilers we have so far but remember that this upcoming season is a little difficult to know for sure as some sequences will be shot out of order and some foilers have been sent out by TPTB.

Each day I will go through what we know for each episode, so starting today here is what we know about Episode 1.

Episode S4E01 - The Beginning of the End (Air Date: 6th February 2008)
Flashbacks: Multi-Centric (Sawyer/Hurley)

What we know
We know that the title of this episode will be called "The Beginning of the End" and that it will be a multi-centric episode that feature both Sawyer and Hurley Flashbacks/Flashforwards.

We know that Lance Riddick and Jorge Garcia filmed a sequence as the SRMHI. What we don't know is if this is a Flashback or if Hurley in a flashforward is back in the mental health institute. The interesting part here is that Lance Riddick's character will be in more than 1 episode which asks the question, will we see him on the Island at some point as well, maybe as part of the Freighter people? My personal guess is that this is a flashback, with Lance Riddick's character appearing on the island and that Hurley recognizes him.

Also in this episode, we've had reports of Sawyer in a car chase with the police. My personal feeling is that this is a flashback to his Tampa Job.

We have 2 character descriptions for this episode along with the actors that will play them.

Russell (Ken Leung)
Late 30s, a brilliant mathematician and deep thinker who is capable of great insights and has a tremendous knowledge across various scientific fields. He sometimes struggles socially by being too direct and disconnected in his interpersonal relationships. While an empiricist by trade he is humbled and fascinated by the magic and mystery of all in this world that cannot be explained by science.

Arthur Stevens (Lance Riddick)
Appearing in 401 and 402, with possibly more eps down the line, is Arthur Stevens. He is a ruthless corporate recruiter, tall and thin, with a chilling presence.

We also know that Jeremy Davies will be playing Daniel and that he will be one of the Freighter people. We're not sure what episode he will first appear but it may well be the Episode 1. As you can see from the photos we have, both Ken Leung and Jeremy Davies appear have have landed on the Island via Helicopter.

Fisher Stevens has also been cast as Minkowski although I suspect he won't be seen until later on.

Is Hurley back in the SRMHI or is it a flashback?
Is Saywer's car chase the Tampa Job or something else?
Who does Arthur Stevens work for and why is he at the SRMHI with Hurley?
Why do Russell and Daniel have to parachute onto the Island, can they not get close enough on the Freighter?
Will it just be Hurley and Sawyer that feature Flashbacks/Flashforwards?
Will we actually get to see Minkowski in this episode or will he remain just a voice?
How will Russell and Daniel react when they find that one of their team members, Naomi, has been murdered?
Will we get to see Michael in this episode? Was he picked up by the Freighter people?
What will the Losties do with Locke and Ben?

We have a couple of photos from each of these characters.

You can see more on each of these characters by using the Labels dropdown menu on the right.

Tomorrow we will be looking at what we know about Episode 2.

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