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Here is a summary of what we know about Episode 2

Episode S4E02 - Title Unknown (Air Date: 13th February 2008)
Flashbacks: Unknown

What we know
Very little is currently known about this episode including both the title and whose flashback/flashforward it might contain. Although according to some filming reports we posted here, it could very well be a Jack episode which my gut instinct tells me will be a flashforward and may well involve Hurley.

Filming report and photos

We do have a couple of casting breakdowns for this episode.

Late 20s. Very attractive in a naturalistic, athletic way, her looks are only one small part of charms. Precocious, loquacious, and funny, Charlotte a very successful academic who also knows how to handle herself in the real world. On a personal level it is hard to crack the hard shell of poise and certainty around her, but when it DOES crack its like an egg; lots of repressed and pent up emotions spill out.

Arthur Stevens
Appearing in 401 and 402, with possibly more eps down the line, is Arthur Stevens. He is a ruthless corporate recruiter, tall and thin, with a chilling presence.

So it appears that Arthur Stevens, played by Lance Riddick, will also appear in this episode. My guess is that Arthur Stevens who appears to be seen in Hurley's flashback in Episode 1 will also be appearing here. My suspicion is that he will now appear on the island maybe as part of the Freighter team or another yet to be seen "Other".

It has been rumoured that Charlotte is to be played by Rebecca Mader. Rebecca Mader has not said much about her character except to say that she is not a passenger of Flight 815 or one of the Others and that she is to play an Englishwoman. My hunch is that she is indeed Charlotte.

Will we be seeing her on the Island and is she in fact Charlotte?

Will it indeed be a Jack Flashback/Forward or someone else completely?

Episode 1 - Hurley/Sawyer
Episode 2 - Jack (Rumour/Guess)
Episode 3 - Sayid (Rumour)
Episode 4 - Kate
Episode 5 - Desmond
Episode 6 - ???????
Episode 7 - Sun/Jin

We currently have no actual filming photos from this episode.

You can see more on each of these characters by using the Labels dropdown menu on the right.

Tomorrow we will be looking at what we know about Episode 3.

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