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We initially posted this in the rumours section but it's now been confirmed by Daniel Dae Kim on his blog.

Thanks to FoxySmile for the following.

There are a lot of articles about Yunjin Kim's new movie 'Seven Days' in Korea these days, (yeah I'm from Korea) and today I read something very interesting and translated the things related Lost into English.

"Yunjin Kim had returned to Korea last month to promote her movie, but she had to leave again after a very short time to film her new episode of Lost.

(It said Yunjin's but I'm not so sure about that it means Sun's)

When she had received her script, she got shocked to find out the title of her episode; 'Jiyeon', and it is also the name of Sun and Jin's baby.

Yunjin is surprised because the name of Yunjin's character in her movie is Jiyeon, too. Jiyeon is name of Korean females, and I think it's kind of common name but not that popular one.

Yunjin said that she thought that it's a great coincidence and she was surprised that American writer could think of the name Jiyeon. ". Some articles said that she played the pregnant woman.

I'm not sure about that this article is 100% reliable, so I had sent the letter to the reporter for double-checking. When I get the reply, I would give you the confirmation.

I'm thinking of the possible meaning of the name Ji Yeon.

Source: FoxySmile

Thanks to The ODI for the following from DDK's Myspace Blog

Fans of the show will be happy to know that we're wrapping up filming on episode seven, which happens to be a Sun/Jin episode, called "Ji Yeon." Given the turmoil of the past few weeks, it's been great to be able to throw my focus back on my work, and especially on such a great episode. I hope you like it. It should air in March sometime, and if the current strike schedule holds, it will be our second to last episode before we take our unplanned hiatus.

For those of you who don't know, it was just announced that LOST will come back in February as planned, and we'll run all of the episodes we'll have finished, which at the moment, looks to be a total of eight. After that though, we'll be dependent on the strike coming to an end. Please keep your fingers crossed that it will happen soon. The welfare of so many people -and families- are at stake. Many of you have asked me where I stand on the issue, and without getting too political, just let me say that though it's very complicated, I stand behind the writers and what they're trying to achieve. They are as responsible for a show's success as much as anyone -if not more so- and their livelihoods in the face of a rapidly changing entertainment landscape deserve to be protected.

Source: DDK@Myspace

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