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First look at the freighter

Thanks to Ryan from HawaiiBlog for the following. Also check out all his photos from this shoot at his Flickr page.

Also Sawyer840 has a little bit of background info on their site HERE.

It may be a holiday for some people, but “LOST” was hard at work today bringing the South Pacific to Honolulu. Kewalo Basin, the small commercial harbor in Kaka’ako, was transformed into the Port of Suva, Fiji’s largest port and gateway to its capital city. It was hard to miss the huge “PORT OF SUVA” signs added to the old Kewalo Shipyard building.

The freighter Kahana was docked, and a thatched-roof pavilion and Fijian tour bus stood by.

Is this Naomi’s freighter? Even though she said the wreckage of Oceanic Flight 815 had been discovered in an ocean trench off Bali, the pilot had said he had turned back and was attempting to reach Fiji when the plane broke up over The Island. Or could it be another ship, and another time? Who ends up in Fiji, and when?

All the answers will come in due time. But whoever is on board, I’m sure he’ll make a splash.

Source: Ryan@HawaiiBlog

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