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Update: 4th December Thanks to The ODI for another sighting of the Lost trailer. It seems now that there are more than 1.

Ben was in nearly in every frame. It was one of those "mile a minute" type previews where you don't have time to stop and think about one thing before it's moved onto the next.

The one line that stands out the most was John saying something like, "They're not here for us".

Source: Shteeb via The ODI

Thanks to Christopher for the following report that confirms the recent rumour that the new Lost promos have already started airing.

Just wanted to let you know that there is now a new, full length LOST trailer that shows before beowulf 3-D. It shows probably 35-40 seconds of new footage clips

Regarding the Rumor, it is PARTIALLY accurate. I saw this preview at the Cinaplex at CityWalk at Universal Studios. Jack fires a gun at something/someone but it's not in the dark, it's in clear day in the middle of the jungle, Locke says "Whatever they are here for, We know it's not for us". Kate is running through from something, it shows a lot of "new" people with backpacks running through the woods, It shows Ben saying "I tried to warn you, now they will kill us all." with blood all over his face. Then it shows hurley finding some stones with very odd symbols on them, and thats really all I can remember, but there was other stuff.

Source: Christopher

Thanks to Lyly for finding another recap of the promo.

We saw the promo at a movie theater tonight and Sawyer was in it! In one shot it looked like he was aiming a gun at Ben and pushing him against a tree or something like that. We also saw Sawyer briefly in a few other shots and OMG ...he looked very hot

all went very fast so we will just let you know what we remember.

It starts with 2004 the plane went down (shots of the first season) - rescue is coming - and then it begins with very fast shots. It has the one shot of locke they already described, some shots of jack we didnt really care about, Wink
Kate running and kate in a quite disturbing shot where it looks like she got hurt or is shocked by something that happened. It was quite difficult to tell. Kate in another shot where she looks up. Kate in some group shots and Sawyer in some fast shots. Charlie at the end with short hair.

this is all we can remember. sorry but we saw the promo already three hours ago. great promo

Source: Simsi

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